Big Woods Bucks Tracker Jacket - Lightweight, Solid Green - *These jacket sleeves are 2 inches shorter than standard size - all sizes.*

The only wool hunting jacket you'll ever need in the big woods. Made in the U.S.A. Tightly woven virgin 18 oz. wool, manufactured and stitched in the Northeast of the United States of America. All our gear is designed and tested by a team of some of the best woodsmen and hunters in the world. This is the original tracker coat. This is a 3-season garment that will keep you comfortable, no matter what conditions mother nature throws at you. It also doubles as an everyday coat with the removal of the orange cape.
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Our Big Woods Bucks Tracker Jacket Series Wool Clothing Line combines premium quality 18 oz. pre-shrunk virgin wool manufactured by a U.S.A.-based wool manufacturer right here in the Northeast and stitched by the same American company who made all the Team U.S.A. Olympic Wear.

It has specific design features crafted by woodsmen who have a combined centuries worth of woods and hunting experience to know what hardcore hunters demand in their clothing.

Our clothing has been refined over the past 11 years we have designed and produced wool clothing. BWB has a time-tested reputation for quality, attention to detail, price, comfort and fit. You get all the advantages of wool with options to layer as the temperatures change throughout the day. This is a 3-season garment no matter what conditions mother nature throws at you. Lastly clothing is an integral part of the "BWB System."

Jacket Features:

  • 100% American-made virgin wool
  • Roomy hand pockets with soft lining
  • Welded Storm Proof Zippered angled top pockets for ease and security while carrying GPS, cell phone or radio
  • Integrated pouch inside the rear of the jacket with compartments to carry your water bottle, sandwich, spare pair of gloves and grunt tube or rifle sling. 
  • Buttoned wrist cuffs
  • 24 oz virgin Orange Wool Cape detachable so jacket and cape can be one unit or used without cape. 


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