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This versatile wool fanny pack can be used for all applications of hunting/fishing/camping/hiking or geocaching. Its exterior shell is made from quiet and durable 22 oz. pre-shrunk virgin wool. It has two compartments lined with treated red nylon material that is water repellent to ensure the contents of the pack will stay as dry whatever weather you might experience. Field tested and proven tough by the Big Woods Bucks Team. This is the last pack you will ever have to buy! - 450 cubic inches - spacious main compartment with separate lunch compartment which holds it against your back to prevent frozen lunches on those bitter cold days. - convenient GPS or water bottle compartment on top of pack - Shoulder strap system for comfort - American manufactured 22 oz. durable pre-shrunk virgin wool outer - natural scent control/tends to be water repellent - slim profile - allows you to slip through the brush quietly without catching on branches - quiet outer shell - zipper pulls large enough to use with gloves - 2 inch webbing with dual adjust buckle -adjusts to accommodate a large waist - separate accessory compartment for maps etc.
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A Word from Hal

About 40 years ago, when fanny packs were first getting popular for hunting, I purchased one from Cabela's. Over the years it saw a lot of use and the pack began to wear and come apart. I kept trying to find a replacement, but could never find one that was quiet enough. All the new materials were either stiff or to noisy to make a good woods pack. All the newer packs seemed to have too many buckles, straps and pockets for everything including water bottles. These packs are fine for the stand hunter but for tracking and still hunting, a pack needs to be quiet and not have all the accessories that catch on twigs and brush. Guiding hundreds and hundreds of hunters from all walks of life over the last 30 + years has provided me an opportunity to field test the lastest and greatest gadgets and equipment the outdoor industry has offered. I’ve probably seen about every fanny pack made. There are a few wool packs available but none are water resistant and after a day in the rain or wet snow, everything inside is wet. That’s when Chris and I decided it was time to make our own Big Woods Bucks model. I came up with a design that was simple and functional. I had one made and used it for a season to make sure that I would be happy with it before going into production. After making a few minor adjustments and getting the seal of approval from the BWB Team, we started the process. Our main criteria for building this pack was that it would be the best tracking pack available.

The main compartment of the pack is large enough to carry a load if needed, but the design allows the pack to mold flat against your back if the load is small. It has a divider with an elastic top that I use to keep my lunch against my back to keep it from freezing. The front pocket is to keep all small loose items together, and easy to get at and is the perfect size to fit a folded topo map. The belt is large enough it doesn’t cut into your waist and is sewn deep into the pack for strength. The buckle is adjustable to keep it in the middle of your waist. The small pocket on top of the main compartment can be used to carry your GPS or radio and has velcro flaps for easy access without taking the pack off. The whole pack is lined with a liner to keep everything dry. This liner does make the pack seem a little noisy, but with gear inside it is not a problem. I hope you enjoy it and get a lifetime of use out of it. 
Good luck on the trail!  Hal



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Pre-order yours now – They will ship before deer season. Don't be fooled by imitations! Our tightly woven virgin 22 oz. wool is manufactured and stitched in the Northeast of the United States of America. All our gear is designed and tested by a team of some of the best woodsman/hunters in the world. This is the original tracker coat. There is no better comfort and fit; you get all the advantages of virgin wool material with options to layer as the temperatures change throughout the day. This is a 3-season garment that will keep you comfortable, no matter what conditions mother nature throws at you.

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