Big Woods Bucks Real Deal Deer DVD Vol.1


The Big Woods Bucks “Real Deal ” series has been created with a twofold purpose. Simply put, this is both educational and entertaining for “YOU” the viewer.  This DVD series will help you learn simple tactics and techniques that will guarantee you the key to unlock some of the mystical habits and survival skills mature whitetails instinctively employ to elude hunters. The BWB team will use a combination of woodsman skills and grit, matching wits with Mr. Big on his own turf to consistently kill what is arguably one of the most wily game animals on this planet. You will experience plain old hardcore hunting in some of the harshest conditions Mother Nature has to offer in the northern tier of North America. Hal Blood, Chris Dalti and the Big Woods Bucks Team have over three centuries of cumulative experience hunting Whitetails. BWB has mastered the “art of hunting” and want to share their knowledge with you. This DVD contains must see step by step tactics that could be the key to your next buck of a lifetime.

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Tracking Whitetail Bucks Stories from the Trail in the Big Woods

Come along with me on the track as I take 25 Big Woods Bucks, starting with the very first one that I tracked down. Everything I learned about hunting these majestic bucks, was from following hundreds of bucks over the past almost 40 years. These bucks took me to their haunts and showed me how they lived. The life of a buck is written in his tracks and by following them, you are living their learning how to use that information to outwit them. Over those years, I developed a system for consistent success and in this book, I lay out that system in a wat that anyone can follow. A mature Big Woods Whitetail buck is in my opinion the most difficult animals to take in North America. I hope that this book inspires you to take up the challenge of hunting these great creatures. Good luck on the trail! Hal

Big Woods Bucks Mid Size Fanny Pack- Grn & Blk Orig Camo

This versatile wool fanny pack can be used for all applications of hunting/fishing/camping/hiking or geocaching. Its exterior shell is made from quiet and durable 24 oz. pre-shrunk virgin wool. It has two compartments lined with treated red nylon material that is water repellent to ensure the contents of the pack will stay as dry as possible whatever weather you might experience. Field tested and proven tough by the Big Woods Bucks Team . This is the last pack you will ever have to buy! - 450 cubic inches - spacious main compartment with separate lunch compartment which holds it against your back to prevent frozen lunches on those bitter cold  days. - convenient GPS or water bottle compartment on top of pack - D loops for optional use with suspenders - 24 oz. durable pre-shrunk virgin Woolrich wool outer - natural scent control/tends to be water repellent - slim profile - allows you to slip through the brush quietly without catching on branches - quiet outer shell - zipper pulls large enough to use with gloves - 1 1/2 inch webbing with dual adjust buckle -adjusts to accommodate a large waist - separate accessory compartment for maps ect. Stitched by Silent Predator Disclaimer: The Delorme inReach GPS/Personal Satellite Communicator shown in the top pocket of the pack is not included.