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Big Woods Bucks Wool Vest - Price includes shipping

Stitched by Silent Predator who has a time tested reputation for quality, attention to detail, price, comfort and fit, you get all the advantages of heavy wool material with options to layer as the temperatures change through out the day. This is a 3 season garment that will keep you comfortable, no matter what conditions mother nature throws at you. Product drop ships from Manitoba, Canada. 4 to 6 weeks delivery
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    The Big Woods Bucks Wool Vest  is made from the same Woolrich 24oz virgin wool as is our Tracker Jacket and is made by Silent Predator.

    Features include:

    • Dual zippered front pockets
    • Adjustable waist pulls
    • Soft black inside liner/ 2 pockets

    This high quality vest can be worn as a mild day hunting garment or as a base layer for cold weather.

    It is also stylish enough to be worn for everyday use and rugged enough to last for years of hard use.

    Vest will drop ship from Manitoba, Canada 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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