BWB & Woodman Arms two (2) muzzleloader raffle to benefit Boston Children's Hospital

In association with Coburn Summit Riders Snowmobile Club, BWB & Woodman Arms, Mark Woodman and his wife Kassandra are running the Boston Marathon this year to support Boston Children's Hospital. You contribution would be greatly appreciated. Buy as many tickets as you can to help support Mark & Kassandra's patient partner and her family. Tickets available until March 24th at 11:59 pm.

When it comes to Miles for Miracles and Dancers at Heart, It’s all about community! I’m so thankful to be part of these amazing teams and raise much needed funds for patients and families. I was lucky enough to meet my patient partner and her family. And, what a strong family they are. Thank you, Kylie, Chris, Kristen and Alyssa, for sharing your story and being the inspiration behind my why.

Kylie’s story.
What started as any fun and exciting Halloween night for a 7-year-old ended up turning the family’s world upside down. Kylie experienced two seizures while trick or treating. This led to an MRI and EEG. At the time, the MRI showed nothing while the EEG confirmed that Kylie had occipital lobe seizures. She was put on a medication to control the seizures. The family thought the worst was over and everything was going to be fine. 

Shortly after, Kylie developed memory issues and started falling often. The same hospital did an MRI in January of 2021, which showed a small “unknown spot” in the left thalamus of her brain. Both images were compared, and it was determined that the spot was missed on the first. Kylie was seen every 4-6 weeks for an MRI until April 2021. All scans showed this spot, and it was growing. Chris and Kristen met with an oncologist who stated the area was inoperable, leaving the family feeling hopeless. Kylies’ symptoms started to worsen. Kylie’s parents would not settle with the diagnosis and reached out to Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Thankfully, that’s where they found the community they needed.

It was confirmed through BCH that Kylie was suffering from the effects of a brain tumor homed in the left thalamus region. This news was devastating for the family. Luckily, at BCH she had a full team of experts on her side who stated that they could confidently remove the tumor. Two weeks prior they were told it was inoperable, transferring to the care of BCH, they had hope.

The 10-hour surgery on May 3, 2021 to remove the tumor, felt like the families longest day. Kylie got through the surgery and was doing good. She spent a week in recovery where she was taken great care of by all the staff and the surgeon. After the week in recovery, she was able to go home. She was back to playing with her sister, going to school, and back to dance class. Two weeks later they received news that the tumor was a grade 1 benign glioma with no chemo necessary. The family was ecstatic. This was the best hospital for their daughter, the best care and the best outcome. They couldn’t be more thankful.

Kylie is followed by BCH and Dana Farber for continued care, and will be until she is in her 20’s.

Please help me to raise money for patients, their families and help them smile while they are going through the toughest times of their lives.

In advance, Thank you all so much,

Mark Woodman

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